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Treat Your Ash Tree Before It’s Too Late

Our ash tree treatment has been shown to be 100% effective.

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With the Emerald Ash Borer spotted in Sioux Falls at Cliff & Benson, ash trees throughout the city and extended area are at risk of infestation. If you don’t treat it, you’re in danger of losing it.

At Ash Tree Treatment, we focus solely on ash trees  and have more than 40 years of arboriculture experience. Owned and operated by Jim and Steve Reiter, our certified experts will save your ash tree and keep your home or business landscaping looking beautiful for years to come. 

Video Resources

Emerald Ash Borer 101

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive pest that is responsible for tens of millions of ash tree deaths and billions of dollars in damage since it was first found in the United States in 2002.

Can My Ash Tree Be Treated?

How long can you wait to treat your ash tree for Emerald Ash Borer? Dr. John Ball will show you what a healthy and treatable tree looks like.

What is the Emerald Ash Borer?

Emerald Ash Borer are a coppery insect that wreak havoc on ash trees throughout the country. Learn how they spread and move within communities they're living in.

Ash Tree Treatment of Sioux Falls, Brandon and surrounding area has the knowledge and skills to save your ash tree from an insect infestation.

40 Years

of arboriculture experience


trees saved utilizing our technique


effective treatment