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Protect Your Ash Trees From An Infestation, Before It’s Too Late! 



The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive pest that destroys ash trees by boring into the bark and feeding on the transportation tissues of the tree. This causes a disruption in the movement of nutrients and water within the ash tree, and eventually kills it.

Ash Tree Treatment protects your ash trees by injecting a chemical solution into the trunk that prevents adult beetles from feeding and laying eggs under the bark and kills any Emerald Ash Borer larvae present.

As the only company in Sioux Falls that focuses solely on ash tree treatment, we have the knowledge and experience to effectively treat and protect your ash tree. We serve homeowners, businesses, municipalities, golf courses, developers, and institutions who don’t want to lose valuable ash trees on their property.

Our certified arborists will treat and protect ash trees at a fraction of the cost of removal and replacement. Independent studies strongly recommend that treatments be applied early though, before irreparable damage is caused to the vascular tissue of the tree.

If you have ash trees, now is the time to protect it from Emerald Ash Borer.


Our treatment process is a direct chemical trunk injection that needs to be repeated every two years for at least 10-15 years. Our environmentally safe and scientifically proven method controls Emerald Ash Borer and keeps your ash trees pest free. 

We start by drilling holes at several locations around the circumference of the tree. Our experts then directly inject chemicals into the trunk of ash trees in an environmentally safe and effective way. 

With direct injection a lower volume of chemical is needed, leaving no chemicals on the ground or on the exterior tree bark that can harm other plants and wildlife. 

A direct trunk injection is the quickest and most efficient way to control Emerald Ash Borer. The chemicals fully circulate throughout the tree within a few days, killing Emerald Ash Borers currently in the tree and preventing future infestation. Our treatment has been shown to be 100% effective on more than 200,000 trees.

Additional Information

  • Our safe and effective treatment protects your ash trees from Emerald Ash Borer for two years.
  • Ash trees can be treated for Emerald Ash Borer at any point during the summer, but the sooner they are treated the more likely they are to stay healthy.
  • Ash Tree Treatment can typically treat your ash trees for Emerald Ash Borer within a day or two of contacting us.
  • The long-term prognosis for trees that are treated early is excellent.
  • We've treated more than 200,000 trees and have never lost one.
  • Tree recovery from an established infestation is relative to the severity of the infestation at the time of treatment.
  • If you are a business or municipality, it’s imperative that you protect valuable trees, reduce liability, and manage costs within your budget. 
  • If you are a home or business owner with multiple ash trees, we’ll offer a quantity discount on our services and can create a custom plan to treat your trees efficiently and cost effectively.

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Ash Tree Treatment of Sioux Falls, Brandon and surrounding area has the knowledge and skills to save your ash tree from an insect infestation.

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